Business communications technologies like VOIP have advanced significantly in recent years, so if you’re relying on an outdated phone system, you’re not getting the most out of your voice networks.

The latest on-premise and hosted voice solutions can give your customers and employees the immediacy they need when communicating while improving your staff’s productivity, flexibility and lowering your overall cost-to-serve.

With over 18 years experience implementing these technologies, Talkware has the experience to implement and manage your systems successfully.

Onsite vs Hosted Solutions

On-premise solution

On-premise voice means hosting and managing your own voice solution. This will include purchasing all of the hardware required to run your solution including IP-PABX, phone hardware, rack space, and power among other ongoing fees. You have full control over your voice solution, however, it comes at the cost of large capital requirements and often a higher total cost of ownership.

Benefits of On-premise solution

  • Lower OPEX compared to hosted solutions
  • Full control over management/administration functions
  • Full control over inbound/outbound lines
  • Direct access to equipment for troubleshooting
  • Granular licensing

Hosted solutions

Hosted voice means that you are paying an external provider to host and manage your communications solution. This involves paying a management fee (often on a per-user basis) that gives you access to all of the communication functionality you need without the complexity and cost of running the solution on your own software and hardware. Hosted solutions are very cheap to implement, with larger ongoing costs.

Benefits of a hosted solution

  • Almost no CAPEX compared to on-premise solutions
  • Low implementation/installation costs
  • Easy scaling solution that means you are only paying for the features that you need
  • Licensing is paid on a per user basis
  • All maintenance and updates are carried out by your hosted provider
  • More robust disaster recovery (DR) than on-premise solutions
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